update: i first posted this a couple of weeks ago and then the site server was hacked & we had to go offline. in the re-building of the site, i had a little revamp to make the site a little more streamlined and (i hope) all is good to go again. obviously, if the links […]

I keep meaning to do a round up post of all the products that I love for Pip, in case anyone is looking for present ideas, baby shower ideas, or just shopping recommendations. Swanky toiletries are one of my favourite presents to give – I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t like the idea […]

This weekend marked the start of our first half term holiday. Marto was away on a business trip to France, so Pip and I went to stay with Nana & Granddad, along with Marto’s brother’s family. It was a little odd being at the in-laws with all Marto’s family bar him, but also nice for […]

every week i think i have found my favourite photo of baby Pip. and then the next week i change my mind. i’ve been mulling over this post for several weeks, and, as ever, have left it to the very last moment to enter. we had to leave Pip behind on Saturday, to attend the […]

update: the new site is offline for a few days whilst we work out the issues that is mentioned in the comments below. it seems the place where thelittlepip is hosted was hacked hence the links not working. will let you all know when we are back online. in the meantime, please accept my apologies […]

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no, i’m not pregnant again but i know a fair few of you are, so i wanted to share these. i wrote about Hatch maternity before, back when i was pregnant, but they were the wrong season for me to get the most of them when i didn’t really have the funds. i saw today […]