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What to wear: Autumn maternity

no, i’m not pregnant again but i know a fair few of you are, so i wanted to share these. i wrote about Hatch maternity before, back when i was pregnant, but they were the wrong season for me to get the most of them when i didn’t really have the funds. i saw today […]

What to wear, end of third trimester

I have to admit, one of the main things I am bored with by pregnancy is what to wear. All pregnancy, I have attempted to buy as little maternity wear as possible, which I have written about at length before. But now, I find myself wearing the same outfits over and over again, and I […]


  No sign of Pip yet. I fear this might become a daily refrain. This morning I started getting some more noticeable back ache, heaviness, contractions and my bump has got lower, so the thought did cross my kind that things might be happening. Which they still might be, albeit very slowly. So, I used […]

What to wear, third trimester.

Last night I began sorting my clothes. More specifically, with both 20 working days until I stop working and until we move house, I wanted to pack away into storage boxes some of the items which I didn’t need at present and to get rid of some things I though I’d probably never wear again. […]


Being pregnant is exhausting. I am sat in a marks and spencers cafe eating a Teacake for energy and trying to recover from spending the past hour looking in shops for some kind of black dress which is soft enough to be comfortable for 4 hours car travel and a course in a hotel, but […]

Maternity Clothes: Cost to date (13 weeks)

With the scan safely done and the risks of a miscarriage diminishing rapidly I finally allowed myself to purchase some maternity clothes. Add to this the fact that my work clothes are undeniably getting too tight and I knew I had to start somewhere. The thing is, I’m trying to spend as little as possible […]