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life recently…(11.10.12)

.Pip’s ear infection hadn’t got any better despite a week’s worth of antibiotics. We took her back to the doctors yesterday morning and the GP didn’t think that the antibiotics were helping. She told us to stop using them and to take an ear swab for testing. She said Pip’s temperature was a little raised […]


Of all the things I thought would put us off using cloth nappies, it has so far been something that I had never even thought of. It never occurred to me that it would be the actual using of the nappies that I would struggle with. Every few week, we have another go at using […]

Labour and Wait

If only I was referring to my state of being. Actually, Labour and Wait is a design shop filled with the most beautiful of old fashioned style household items. If money was no object at all, I think the enamel bucket above would have made a nice nappy bucket. Instead, we bought an enormous 16 […]

Last things for the nursery

The last thing we needed for the nursery is due to be collected this afternoon. Although we plan to use cloth nappies, at least for the first week or so, and possibly on occasion after that, we will be using disposables. After all, for one reason or another, we have about 200 of them in […]

Real Nappy Week 2012

Did you know that this week is Real Nappy Week? A whole week dedicated to bringing real nappies to the attention of parents across the UK. Quite a few of the websites that I have seen are doing various deals on nappies and accessories. There is even a website dedicated to Real Nappy Week 2012, […]


This is a curious time, this week surrounding the due date. I am trying to keep reasonably busy but also am reluctant to make too many plans, or to stray too far from the house. I finally got around to ordering the last of the things for Pip tonight. Reusable wipes, a nappy bucket and […]


  No sign of Pip yet. I fear this might become a daily refrain. This morning I started getting some more noticeable back ache, heaviness, contractions and my bump has got lower, so the thought did cross my kind that things might be happening. Which they still might be, albeit very slowly. So, I used […]