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Today we decided to have a London Sunday as if I wasn’t pregnant. First thing, we hopped on a bus and made our way to the Columbia Flower Market in Hoxton, where we sat in the garden of a gallery and drank coffee and ate pastries, before wandering around the market itself and pottering in […]


I had my first dream about giving birth. In my dream, I went into labour at my Mum and Dad’s house and the baby was a girl, being born feet first. My waters broke in an enormous gush and Marto was locked in a bedroom and couldn’t get out, so he couldn’t help me, so […]


Still here, still pregnant. Still waiting for a sign from Pip that it’s his time. We had friends around for supper tonight. A lovely evening of food and laughter. I have now retired, exhausted, to bed, whilst they and Marto chat on over wine and music in the sitting room next door. Mild tightenings have […]

40+1 continued

Pip continues to be a little tease. At about 4.30pm I started having some more stomach tightenings and contractions. By 6.30pm they were still happening and I was getting some other sharper pains ‘down there’. Yet by 9.30pm they had disappeared and all I am left with is a sense of discomfort and a foul […]


Still no sign of the little Pip. (and this blog is going to get a bit repetitive for the next week if that doesn’t change). Whilst I am trying to ‘get on with life’, being heavily pregnant and uncomfortable means that life is essentially lounging, reading, eating, sleeping and finishing my online shopping. None of […]


And so it is that our due date is finally here. At the time of writing, there is no imminent signs of Pip’s arrival. Even the prodromol labour seems to have abated. Other than some period type cramps occasionally and a huge feeling of heaviness when I walk, no symptoms at all, so far as […]