Category Week 40


This is a curious time, this week surrounding the due date. I am trying to keep reasonably busy but also am reluctant to make too many plans, or to stray too far from the house. I finally got around to ordering the last of the things for Pip tonight. Reusable wipes, a nappy bucket and […]


Every night for the past few nights I have been woken up with practice contractions, coming regularly every 8-10 minutes for about 3 -4 hours, from 3am – 6/7am. Every night I have got out of bed, been to the loo, had a drink, adjusted position frequently and turned on my electric blanket. Every night […]


Yesterday afternoon, I suddenly began to feel hysterical. As if I were drunk, unable to focus on conversation, on food shopping, giggling uncontrollably as Marto paid for our food. Back at home, I had a huge burst of energy, cleaning the bathroom and dusting the entire flat. I felt like I was hallucinating at times, […]


  We finally decided on a mobile. Marto’s grandmother gave us some money to buy something for Pip and we decided a musical mobile was the way forward. We wanted one that played classical music of some kind and that would attach to the cot. In particular, we thought it might make nappy changing a […]