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Today we decided to have a London Sunday as if I wasn’t pregnant. First thing, we hopped on a bus and made our way to the Columbia Flower Market in Hoxton, where we sat in the garden of a gallery and drank coffee and ate pastries, before wandering around the market itself and pottering in […]


I had my first dream about giving birth. In my dream, I went into labour at my Mum and Dad’s house and the baby was a girl, being born feet first. My waters broke in an enormous gush and Marto was locked in a bedroom and couldn’t get out, so he couldn’t help me, so […]


Still here, still pregnant. Still waiting for a sign from Pip that it’s his time. We had friends around for supper tonight. A lovely evening of food and laughter. I have now retired, exhausted, to bed, whilst they and Marto chat on over wine and music in the sitting room next door. Mild tightenings have […]

40+1 continued

Pip continues to be a little tease. At about 4.30pm I started having some more stomach tightenings and contractions. By 6.30pm they were still happening and I was getting some other sharper pains ‘down there’. Yet by 9.30pm they had disappeared and all I am left with is a sense of discomfort and a foul […]


Still no sign of the little Pip. (and this blog is going to get a bit repetitive for the next week if that doesn’t change). Whilst I am trying to ‘get on with life’, being heavily pregnant and uncomfortable means that life is essentially lounging, reading, eating, sleeping and finishing my online shopping. None of […]