third time lucky…?

    for the third time, I’m attempting to get up and running. and yes, it looks different. that’s because it keeps getting hacked and I have to keep starting again. I thought it would be better to just get up and running than try to replicate my last attempt in it’s entirety. let […]

a new home for the little pip (take two)

update: i first posted this a couple of weeks ago and then the site server was hacked & we had to go offline. in the re-building of the site, i had a little revamp to make the site a little more streamlined and (i hope) all is good to go again. obviously, if the links […]

a new home for the little pip

update: the new site is offline for a few days whilst we work out the issues that is mentioned in the comments below. it seems the place where thelittlepip is hosted was hacked hence the links not working. will let you all know when we are back online. in the meantime, please accept my apologies […]