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For Pip: shampoo

I keep meaning to do a round up post of all the products that I love for Pip, in case anyone is looking for present ideas, baby shower ideas, or just shopping recommendations. Swanky toiletries are one of my favourite presents to give – I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t like the idea […]

What to wear: Autumn maternity

no, i’m not pregnant again but i know a fair few of you are, so i wanted to share these. i wrote about Hatch maternity before, back when i was pregnant, but they were the wrong season for me to get the most of them when i didn’t really have the funds. i saw today […]

Labour and Wait

If only I was referring to my state of being. Actually, Labour and Wait is a design shop filled with the most beautiful of old fashioned style household items. If money was no object at all, I think the enamel bucket above would have made a nice nappy bucket. Instead, we bought an enormous 16 […]

Last things for the nursery

The last thing we needed for the nursery is due to be collected this afternoon. Although we plan to use cloth nappies, at least for the first week or so, and possibly on occasion after that, we will be using disposables. After all, for one reason or another, we have about 200 of them in […]

Real Nappy Week 2012

Did you know that this week is Real Nappy Week? A whole week dedicated to bringing real nappies to the attention of parents across the UK. Quite a few of the websites that I have seen are doing various deals on nappies and accessories. There is even a website dedicated to Real Nappy Week 2012, […]


  We finally decided on a mobile. Marto’s grandmother gave us some money to buy something for Pip and we decided a musical mobile was the way forward. We wanted one that played classical music of some kind and that would attach to the cot. In particular, we thought it might make nappy changing a […]

Things/products I’ve loved during pregnancy

There are one or two products which I have found essential or very useful during pregnancy so, in case it is of assistance, I thought I’d share a list. *moisturiser/tummy balm – not so much for being anti stretch mark (I can’t tell whether my lack of them so far is down to the creams, […]