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Pip. 5 December 2011. 20+4 I was less nervous this time, mainly because I’d started to feel Pip move. Also, I had to rush to the scan and back in between a break in a court hearing I was attending. Doesn’t leave you much time to worry about the scan when your mind is so […]

On Fear

It occurred to me as I walked back to the house last night that in 4 months, Pip will, all being well, arrive. The fear suddenly hit me and all evening I had a processions of thoughts, one after the other. 1. I have to give birth. I haven’t even begun to think about that. […]


We went for the scan yesterday. Healthy baby. Hurrah. Photos and more to come when work isn’t so busy and intense that I can stay up past 10pm.


Fuck. Half way there already. It really doesn’t seem that long ago that I watched two pink lines appear on a stick one Saturday afternoon in August, almost in disbelief that it was actually positive. Many more people than us have harder journeys to pregnancy but we had started to accept that it wasn’t going […]