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It was dark when I left work this evening. Dark as I went to the co-op and parked in an unlit car park in order to buy more de-caf teabags. Dark as I drove home. More sobering was the realisation that I won’t be leaving work again in the light before I, all being well, […]

Maternity Clothes: Cost to date (13 weeks)

With the scan safely done and the risks of a miscarriage diminishing rapidly I finally allowed myself to purchase some maternity clothes. Add to this the fact that my work clothes are undeniably getting too tight and I knew I had to start somewhere. The thing is, I’m trying to spend as little as possible […]


Pip. 7 October 2011. 12+1 I was so nervous as we went in for the scan and not just because I had an extremely full bladder and was very uncomfortable. I was dreading either no baby or a baby that had stopped developing. “So, you’re definitely pregnant; it’s wriggling around, kicking it’s legs and has […]