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For Pip: shampoo

I keep meaning to do a round up post of all the products that I love for Pip, in case anyone is looking for present ideas, baby shower ideas, or just shopping recommendations. Swanky toiletries are one of my favourite presents to give – I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t like the idea […]

my favourite baby photo

every week i think i have found my favourite photo of baby Pip. and then the next week i change my mind. i’ve been mulling over this post for several weeks, and, as ever, have left it to the very last moment to enter. we had to leave Pip behind on Saturday, to attend the […]

life recently…(11.10.12)

.Pip’s ear infection hadn’t got any better despite a week’s worth of antibiotics. We took her back to the doctors yesterday morning and the GP didn’t think that the antibiotics were helping. She told us to stop using them and to take an ear swab for testing. She said Pip’s temperature was a little raised […]

17 weeks

A new milestone. Playing peek-a-boo and Pip laughs. — A day or so later, she found her toes.


we are all a little grumpy is this household tonight. Marto, Pip and I spent the afternoon at the hospital where I had a mole removed from my upper thigh. It was pretty painless in the context of surgeries but still uncomfortable and no matter how much I tried to pretend it was no big […]

4 months

Tomorrow marks 17 weeks since Pip was born. In four short months we have gone from pregnancy to being the parents of the making of a little girl. Pip has left her newborn slug stage well and truly behind. We have now entered a new phase of babyhood; one of rolling and wriggling and laughing. […]

14 weeks & 6 days

Pip rolled over. We were staying with friends for the weekend and Marto was on the golf course first thing in the morning. I took Pip into the bathroom whilst I had a shower, laying her down on the bathmat. She was playing with her Freddie firefly, happily waving her legs in the air whilst […]