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my favourite baby photo

every week i think i have found my favourite photo of baby Pip. and then the next week i change my mind. i’ve been mulling over this post for several weeks, and, as ever, have left it to the very last moment to enter. we had to leave Pip behind on Saturday, to attend the […]

6 weeks

    At 6 weeks, Pip has moved out of her basket into her big girl cot. We had to rearrange our bedroom to get the cot in as she is still too little to sleep in her own room, plus I don’t fancy the walk down the hallway every time she screams for food […]

Introducing Pip

  Pip Born 23.04.2012 at 5.08pm 8 pounds 11 oz 57 cm long   And no, Pip is not her real name, but we do call her it. She was born after 12 and a half hours of labour and just half an hour after the scheduled meeting with the consultant to discuss c sections. […]

Maternity photos

I was really keen to have some photographs taken whilst I was fairly heavily pregnant, to record and to celebrate how I looked with my first baby. Even if I have future babies, although those pregnancies will be special in their own ways, this pregnancy was much longed for, and much enjoyed, and will always […]

38+1 (or, waiting)

About 10.30pm on Tuesday night, I started getting mild contractions and feeling very heavy, with period pains and just deeply uncomfortable. I put my electric blanket on and tried to rest or sleep. I barely slept from then until about 4am, with the ‘contractions’ coming regularly every 10-15 minutes. Marto and I were unsure what […]

What a difference a year makes

(left to right – April 2011, November 2011, December 2011, January 2012, February 2012, March 2012)   Cardigan & trousers – Gap Denim shirt – Sandro Leggings – Isabella Oliver   —   This time last year, Marto and I headed to Paris for a wonderful 10 days over Easter. This year, well, this year, […]


Tomorrow marks full term. If Pip comes tomorrow onwards, we can go to the birth centre. My hospital bag is packed (barring a sieve and a mirror and a dressing gown – tasks for tomorrow) and I have washed the sheets for the Moses basket. I collected a cot top changer that i bought from […]