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More blogging babies

I love reading well written interesting blogs about people going through similar life experiences to me. I was therefore thrilled to read yesterday that Artemis, who writes Junkaholique, is expecting her first baby this year too. Artemis writes a beautiful blog about her vintage finds, her jewellery, life in a small south London flat with […]

Also due in April 2012

What excitement. Another celebrity baby buddy. Billie Piper and I think she’s pretty much exactly the same week as me too. Woo-hoo! She’s no Kate Middleton, but I’ll take it. And no-one say what about Stacey from some reality programme. :)

Maria Lally’s ‘I was happier before I had children’

Maria Lally writes a rather sad article in this week’s Grazia about feeling that she doesn’t love motherhood. She describes motherhood as a chore and how she feels she was happier before she had her daughter. Apparently there are some incredibly happy moments but by and large she seems to begrudge motherhood and feel her […]

Also due in Spring 2012…

… How can I contain my excitement. These past 14 weeks I’ve been wondering which celebrities would be the same pregnant as me (ha) and now, here we are. All has been revealed. My celebrity pregnant buddy is Sophie Ellis-Bexter. My ideal would have been Catherine Middleton*, but I’ll take what I can get. :) […]