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Half Term

This weekend marked the start of our first half term holiday. Marto was away on a business trip to France, so Pip and I went to stay with Nana & Granddad, along with Marto’s brother’s family. It was a little odd being at the in-laws with all Marto’s family bar him, but also nice for […]


I woke up yesterday morning from a horrid dream. We had left Pip in the care of a school friend of Marto’s and for some reason he had decided to get Pip’s ears pierced. He had returned her to Marto, who hadn’t noticed the piercings. When I saw them, I was furious and spent a […]

3 weeks

3 weeks ago it was also a rainy Monday. So I am told, anyway, as I have no recollection. 3 weeks ago I was in the birthing pool, attempting to push little Pip out into the world. Today, we are snugged in bed, Pip sleeping on my chest, wrapped in a bird print muslin swaddle, […]

Is being a mother a fundamental human right?

A week or so ago, Liz Jones wrote an article in the Daily Mail about stealing sperm from her husband in her desperate desire to get pregnant. She was stealing sperm from him, because although married, he didn’t want to have a baby but she did. Leaving aside the debate about why one might think […]