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And on the 12th day after Pip’s birth, I didn’t cry. I didn’t cry, but Pip did. Howled like an angry lamb. Caused, I think, by a combination of a growth spurt and trapped wind. She looks different, has filled out a lot and is no longer a tiny fragile new born. When the midwives […]


Photos of Pip coming soon. Every day seems to be filled with either feeding/changing/laundry or going out. So far we have been on a bus, in a taxi, out for coffee, breakfast and to the pub. I have fed Pip in a pub garden and the window seat of a coffee shop at Euston. We […]


Still no sign of the little Pip. (and this blog is going to get a bit repetitive for the next week if that doesn’t change). Whilst I am trying to ‘get on with life’, being heavily pregnant and uncomfortable means that life is essentially lounging, reading, eating, sleeping and finishing my online shopping. None of […]


Yesterday afternoon, I suddenly began to feel hysterical. As if I were drunk, unable to focus on conversation, on food shopping, giggling uncontrollably as Marto paid for our food. Back at home, I had a huge burst of energy, cleaning the bathroom and dusting the entire flat. I felt like I was hallucinating at times, […]


Stockpiling sleep and battling with a hormonal headache. Resorted to co-codamol and a darkened room. Lay there whilst my brain short circuited making very odd links, as it does whenever I have a migraine. Pip wriggled away like I haven’t felt him wriggle in a long time. His feet are still under my right ribs, […]


Technically less than 10 weeks to go now. And, in the last couple of days, my body feels like it’s grown a lot again. Especially when I’m tired or stressed, I feel quite uncomfortable and my ribs would have me believe that I’ve been beaten up. Tears are more frequent, and quick to appear. Slower […]


If I had to describe myself in two words this weekend they would be grumpy and uncomfortable. I’ve spent all weekend trying in vain to find a comfortable position in which to lounge around, to play cards, to sort out boxes of crap that are hiding in the loft so that we don’t have to […]