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Real Nappy Week 2012

Did you know that this week is Real Nappy Week? A whole week dedicated to bringing real nappies to the attention of parents across the UK. Quite a few of the websites that I have seen are doing various deals on nappies and accessories. There is even a website dedicated to Real Nappy Week 2012, […]

Things for baby: Cloth Nappies

For as long as I have been thinking about the possibility of having a baby, which has been off and on for quite a while, I have always assumed that we will at least attempt to use cloth nappies rather than disposable ones. Highest on my list of reasons for this is that a disposable […]

Things for baby: Where to begin?

Now we are safely into the second trimester, we (I?) have decided that we should start considering what we need to accumulate for the baby. I don’t plan to start buying or acquiring anything yet, but I would like to put a plan in place of what we need and within those categories *what* we […]

Maternity Clothes: Cost to date (13 weeks)

With the scan safely done and the risks of a miscarriage diminishing rapidly I finally allowed myself to purchase some maternity clothes. Add to this the fact that my work clothes are undeniably getting too tight and I knew I had to start somewhere. The thing is, I’m trying to spend as little as possible […]