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Breastfeeding (continued)

Just a final couple of thoughts to round off breastfeeding awareness week. First of all, if you are pregnant still, you will have no idea whether you will be able to breastfeed, how long you will do it for and so on. I don’t think there is any point tormenting yourself one way or the […]

Breastfeeding (continued)

Just a quick note about breastfeeding in public. Last night, I was out for dinner with Marto and some of his colleagues in a restaurant which doesn’t take bookings, so we had to wait in the bar. Pip was asleep in her sling when I arrived but as per her routine expected to eat when […]

National Breastfeeding Awareness Week

This week (24-30 June 2012) is national breastfeeding awareness week. To mark this, I thought I’d share some of my experiences of breastfeeding with you. I’m really aware that a lot of people struggle withbreastfeeding, for one reason or another, and I just have to look through some of my favourite blogs to see how […]

On starting to read Gina Ford

She really is a bossy old trout, isn’t she. That said, in the melee after giving birth, having a handbook of timings to consult regarding feeding and sleeping might be quite soothing. No having to think for myself, just look at the clock, her book, and do what it says.   Years ago, I used […]