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Library Themed Baby Shower

Would you believe that I just got access to a laptop with a CD drive, so this is the first time I’ve had a look at these. I’ve been waiting to post these for ages! My baby shower was themed around building a library for Pip. All guests were invited to gift Pip a copy […]

rumpeta, rumpeta, rumpeta

We’ve started more of a bedtime routine with Pip. Whereon a few weeks ago, I couldn’t even imagine trying to get her to go to bed before 11pm, she now starts to show signs of tiredness and need to go to bed sometime between 8-8.30pm, sleeping (mostly) until morning. After Marto comes home from work, […]

French Children might not throw food but they do put their feet on tube seats

I’m re-reading French Children Don’t Throw Food (or, Bringing up Bebe to my American readers). I’m really enjoying it and when I’ve finished it properly will be back to discuss. It was with some amusement therefore that I observed a French mother and her three children on the tube the other day. All three children were […]

In the Space of That Year by Clare Shaw

January 14: I register her birth, which is to say, somebody writes it on paper. My face is a cave. We walk round town but nowhere’s open. She hangs from me, small weight. I’m meat, heavier than you’d think was possible. Each night, she drifts in her basket through waves of colourless sleep I can hardly believe […]

On starting to read Gina Ford

She really is a bossy old trout, isn’t she. That said, in the melee after giving birth, having a handbook of timings to consult regarding feeding and sleeping might be quite soothing. No having to think for myself, just look at the clock, her book, and do what it says.   Years ago, I used […]

Books: Moon Rabbit (Natalie Russell)

I fell in love with this book in the Tate Gallery bookshop last week. So in love that I bought it. I think I will give it to my nephew for Christmas next year, even though he won’t really be able to look at it for a while. I was thinking about keeping it myself, […]