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Birth story (part one)

Our labour and birth story starts almost as soon as my 40+4 post ended. I recall feeling very uncomfortable and we decided to go to bed about 11pm, spending some time, of all things, buying a vacuum cleaner on line. This was the last of the major purchases that we needed to make; perhaps Pip […]

Introducing Pip

  Pip Born 23.04.2012 at 5.08pm 8 pounds 11 oz 57 cm long   And no, Pip is not her real name, but we do call her it. She was born after 12 and a half hours of labour and just half an hour after the scheduled meeting with the consultant to discuss c sections. […]

38+1 (or, waiting)

About 10.30pm on Tuesday night, I started getting mild contractions and feeling very heavy, with period pains and just deeply uncomfortable. I put my electric blanket on and tried to rest or sleep. I barely slept from then until about 4am, with the ‘contractions’ coming regularly every 10-15 minutes. Marto and I were unsure what […]


For a relaxing evening of scaring yourself the fuck out, may I recommend the mumsnet book of advice, particularly the chapter on the after effects of birth and how to deal with tears, stitches, bleeding and much much more. Seems the more I try and prepare myself for birth, the more tense and nervous I […]