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third time lucky…?

    for the third time, I’m attempting to get up and running. and yes, it looks different. that’s because it keeps getting hacked and I have to keep starting again. I thought it would be better to just get up and running than try to replicate my last attempt in it’s entirety. let […]

Merry Christmas {or, happy boxing day}

merry christmas to one and all from Pip and me. i know blogging has been a bit scarce around here recently, but i am hoping 2013 will be better. i’m certainly feeling a lot better since i spent four nights away from being a mum last weekend. it meant that christmas was a little disorganised […]

On snot

At aged 7 months, Pip has started to perfect her ‘what are you f.ucking doing?’ face. The one I expect to see a million more times; the one that even now makes me feel a little less capable and will, no doubt, in about 12 years time reduce me to private tears. She reserves it […]


If there is anything I strive for here, it’s honesty. Without sensationalising anything, without trying to turn it into a competition. Without being pitying, patronising or trying to speak for others. I don’t always achieve it, I’m sure, but that’s my aim. I have found motherhood hard, in ways I least expected. I’ve found some […]

housekeeping (literal and metaphorical)

first, in what has been the most irritating move over to the new site, every time i announce the move, the site’s server is hacked and the whole f.ucking thing goes down. i’m trying to fix it. anyway, in the meantime, i’m going to carry on posting here and try to fix the problem. (the […]


I thought I’d got it sorted but first of all the blog was hacked for a third time and I just didn’t have the energy to fix it. Things have been hard round here recently. Nothing specific; I’ve just been struggling. It’s been a hell of an effort to make it through the day, without […]

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