From growing a ‘Pip’ and my thoughts on pregnancy and preparing for motherhood, to surviving motherhood week on week.

Why Pip?

Baby was the size of an apple pip when we found out about him (or her, as it turned out)

Is Pip really a ‘him’?

No. It turned out that Pip was actually a girl.

We didn’t find this out until she was born so until that happened, we thought she was a boy and referred to her as ‘him’ throughout pregnancy. This wasn’t based on anything more than we thought baby was a boy.

When was Pip born?

April 2012

How do I advertise on The Little Pip?

I accept adverts for side bar links (charged per month, and per text link) as well as producing occasional sponsored posts.

Please contact me at rachelprimrosehill (at) gmail (dot) com with your enquiry.

How can I tell when I am reading sponsored content?

All posts for which I have received either payment or product are clearly marked as such, both in the title of the post and at the footer. All views and opinions however are independent and my own.

If a product or other link is not marked as a sponsored post, I have not received any payment or product and I am writing about it because I either love or hate the thing in question. Again, all views and opinions are independent and my own.

Links in the sidebar are sponsored content.


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