housekeeping (literal and metaphorical)

first, in what has been the most irritating move over to the new site, every time i announce the move, the site’s server is hacked and the whole f.ucking thing goes down. i’m trying to fix it. anyway, in the meantime, i’m going to carry on posting here and try to fix the problem. (the front page is sort of there. none of the links work)

secondly, i’ve found that staying away from the computer during the day has vastly improved how the baby and i get on. the calmer and less stressed and less upset i am, the better mood the baby is in. sadly, this has meant a decrease in time for blogging. i’m trying to improve that now, by spending some evening time writing, so we’ll see how that goes.

Pip is changing into a little girl. she can sit, unaided, with a beautiful straight back, even in the bath. she is eating, ‘proper’ meals, learning to use her bowl and spoon, delighting in covering herself from head to toe in whatever she is eating. it is an absolute pleasure, introducing her to food. she looked equally pleased this morning when i offered her a choice of two different flavoured Rachel’s first yoghurts. At seven months now, we have figured out her naps better, and she has them all in the buggy. she seems to sleep better and i can go out when i need, even if she’s still sleeping. i get a little more time to myself, even if i do seem to use it all eating, showering or doing housekeeping.

and, big news, Pip now sleeps in her own room. we are working on finishing removing the possessions which are still keeping it looking part storage facility, part nursery, but we are getting there. heck, one day i might even take some photos and write a post…


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