my favourite baby photo

every week i think i have found my favourite photo of baby Pip. and then the next week i change my mind. i’ve been mulling over this post for several weeks, and, as ever, have left it to the very last moment to enter.

we had to leave Pip behind on Saturday, to attend the wedding of a close friend. as we were sat in the town hall, waiting for the wedding to start, both Marto & I acutely felt Pip’s absence. it didn’t seem right, sitting there as a family, at such an occasion as a wedding, without her. the next day, we went for lunch at Pip’s Auntie’s house, and i took this photo of my little family. Pip is often to be found there, sitting in her sling, snugged to her Daddy’s chest, often looking at me whilst he is conversing over her head. it’s not a perfect photo; but we’re not a perfect family. the focus is probably a little out, the colour a little wrong. but then, we’re not always in focus either, nor always picture perfect. it’s just a snap of a moment in time: my favourite photo because it’s of the here and now. not posed, nothing momentous. just life.

This blog post has been written as an entry into the Tots100 competition in association with Boots Mother and Baby


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  1. Gorgeous picture and I love the words too. For me the best photos are often the ones of just life passing by. The ones where you remember a time or a feeling and in this picture I can see both of those, the time and the feeling.

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