a new home for the little pip

update: the new site is offline for a few days whilst we work out the issues that is mentioned in the comments below. it seems the place where thelittlepip is hosted was hacked hence the links not working. will let you all know when we are back online. in the meantime, please accept my apologies & i will be posting here in the interim.



Hello! How about you head over to my new home for The Little Pip? It’s not perfect and it’s not finished, but I’ve imported all my old posts and comments and it makes sense to direct you all there too, so as to not have two conversations happening at the same time.

For those of you who kindly link to The Little Pip, I’d love for you to update your links to the new site, thelittlepip.com, and for those of you following along in google reader or other RSS feed, perhaps you might like to update your subscription as well.

See you all over there…



  1. I would, but all your links are currently redirecting to Google. Including if I type in the url.

    1. Thanks Pigwotflies. I’m sorry you’re having problems. What browser are you using?

      1. Apparently, the place where I host my blog was hacked, which is why the links are redirecting. Please bear with me whilst I sort it out.

        In the meantime, if you want to visit the new site, you can access it by simply typing in the address yourself.

        Thanks for your patience in the meantime. x

  2. Hi,

    Might just be me but I can’t access new site? Keep getting warning msgs and errors?


    1. Thanks – are you able to tell my what browser etc you are using? I have checked the links on my laptop and phone and they work for me. I am so sorry you are both having problems.

      1. It’s not your fault, how frustrating for you!
        I’m on Chrome, it won’t accept it when I type directly in to the address bar either :-(
        hope you manage to sort it all soon

  3. Hopefully, the problem should be sorted (except from facebook & twitter). Crossed fingers.

    And I’m sorry for all this. Hackers, apparently.

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