What to wear: Autumn maternity

no, i’m not pregnant again but i know a fair few of you are, so i wanted to share these. i wrote about Hatch maternity before, back when i was pregnant, but they were the wrong season for me to get the most of them when i didn’t really have the funds. i saw today though that Hatch have launched their autumn range and there are some really lovely pieces. if you are in your second trimester now, i’m sure that these would be worn frequently from now until you give birth, and can be worn afterwards as well. i particularly love the cashmere sweater with the elbow patches – oh for not being on a maternity pay budget and i would love to get this.

Hatch also have lots of dresses which will see you through the party season. long term readers might remember that i bought an inexpensive dress from ASOS  which i only ended up wearing once to a wedding because i realised that no matter how much of a bargain it was, i just wasn’t keen on purple. that said, i’ve only worn it once, so if any one wants it – it’s a size 10 (let me know in the comments). unless a bargain dress is really your thing, perhaps something more long term would actually be more cost effective, depending on how many events you have to attend this winter…

photos via Hatch


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