life recently…(11.10.12)

.Pip’s ear infection hadn’t got any better despite a week’s worth of antibiotics. We took her back to the doctors yesterday morning and the GP didn’t think that the antibiotics were helping. She told us to stop using them and to take an ear swab for testing. She said Pip’s temperature was a little raised and so we should give her more calpol. Later yesterday evening we were giving Pip her bath when we noticed a rash had developed on one of her legs. We did the glass test and they weren’t fading. We dried her and dressed and fed her, checking the rash again an hour later. The spots still hadn’t faded and the glass test suggested that they were ‘non-blanching’. After a call to the out of hours GP, we ended up in a taxi to A& E for a second opinion, despite Pip not appearing to have a fever. At almost 2am they admitted us to the children’s ward for observation. Long night, short, we are back home again this lunchtime as the rash hasn’t got any worse and the blood tests they did came back clear for meningitis. We are still waiting for the results of the ear and nose swabs but she seems happier today and the doctors gave us the all clear to go home.

.I felt a bit of an idiot this morning after the ward round when the doctors said that Pip was perfectly healthy. We are to keep monitoring her temperature and to take her back if it goes above 38C. That said, at every step of the way, the doctors said that it is always the right thing to do to bring in a child with non-blanching rash for observation and if it were to be meningitis then every hour earlier that she is at A& E the better the outcome. This is especially important if the child seems unwell or has a high fever. Because Pip already had an ear infection I was concerned enough to want a second opinion even though she didn’t appear to have a raised temperature.

.We discovered that due to Pip’s weight, she should be taking a larger dose of paracetemol than the packet recommends for her age. That would explain why it doesn’t always help her teething. Maybe a night of us squashed onto a small single camp bed was worth it?! (they let Marto stay because he would have had to get a bus home at 2.30am and then come back again at 8am).

.We’ve started to make the washable nappies work better by using two part ones, and, sometimes, an all in one with a wrapper as well. Only thing is, after a week of wearing them, not including nights, she’s starting to get a little nappy rash again. It’s a constant game of adjustments, isn’t it…

.I sorted through and tidied the ‘nursery’ on Sunday. Our little flat has two bedrooms and we have coined one of them the nursery, despite the fact that Pip’s cot is actually in our room, and the ‘nursery’ contains a back door, as well as a wardrobe, pile of plastic storage boxes, a tumble drier for the winter (maybe to be moved somewhere else) and a whole lot more. One half of the room is a chest of drawers and book case with all Pip’s things in though, and will have her cot there too once we decide she no longer needs to be in our room. I might even take some photographs and share them…

.I removed all of the clothes that she no longer fits into, keeping a small box of very sentimental items, packing the others up into bags to loan to a pregnant friend (and to have back for baby number 2 in due course). I also sorted through a huge bag of hand me downs from another kind friend, who has 3 children, the youngest of whom is 9 months older than Pip. It is hard to believe that at just 20 weeks, Pip has now grown out of 2 sizes of clothing and is almost out of the 3rd. Yesterday she was wearing a jump suit thing that is 6-12 months and it was only slightly too big.

.We’ve started to think about weaning. No more practically than giving her bits of cold cucumber to gnaw on whilst we eat our supper, but in terms of research. More on that soon…

.Marvelling that Pip has grown out of her baby nest in her pram and is ready for the big girl foot muff which I really must order before the weather turns.

.We bought a genuine Ergo from the organic baby shop down the road. As I was totally put off ordering one online because the one I bought before was a fake, we simply went to the shop, checked they were an authorised retailer and bought it, full price. I can’t remember the last time we did that. It was amazing the difference between the two. It was also worth it’s price alone last night at the hospital as we kept her in it for all the blood tests, which made holding her much easier and she just went back to sleep between tests. More on the Ergo soon too…


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  1. Rachel – better safe than sorry, you know?
    I hope the little one is on the mend.

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