rumpeta, rumpeta, rumpeta

We’ve started more of a bedtime routine with Pip. Whereon a few weeks ago, I couldn’t even imagine trying to get her to go to bed before 11pm, she now starts to show signs of tiredness and need to go to bed sometime between 8-8.30pm, sleeping (mostly) until morning. After Marto comes home from work, he plays with her, which I think is her absolute favourite time of the day, such is the broadness of her smile and depth of the shrieks of laughter.

Then, bath (with one or other or both of us accompanied by Mr Fish and several ducks – useful for distracting especially for neck washing, which is not favoured), moisturising etc, and a bedtime feed. And tonight, we added Daddy reading a book whilst the bedtime feed is in progress, all three of us freshly washed and sat on our bed.

And up first – The Elephant and the Bad Baby. I found this today in a local children’s bookshop and was compelled to buy it because of the image of a little red haired baby and an elephant causing a sort of rumpus on an old fashioned high street.

Image via Amazon



  1. Neck washing is so difficult! All those creases.
    That book looks lovely.

  2. What a sweet looking book! I’m going to look out for that one. We’ve finally got around to joining our local library just to get more bedtime stories – after ten months even our quite well stocked shelf of children’s books is wearing thin (for us grown-ups … the babe greets The Hungry Caterpillar with new enthusiasm every time!!)

    Glad Pip is getting into a better routine for you – sounds like you’ve worked out that precious family time and it’s good to have at least a few hours in the evening to yourselves as a couple too. Our babe was the same for the first few months – wide awake until 11 or even 12 at night. Eventually we decided to do some “sleep training” (of sorts) just to get our evenings back. We moved her bed time routine (bath, massage, story etc) all the way to 10.30/11 at night. Then after a week, when she hopefully associated the routine with sleeping, we started shifting it earlier by an hour or so every evening. It was quite tiring but worked. It also meant on our trip to Australia when she was 4 months old, we could use the routine to get her used to the new time zone. Bonus!

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