Of all the things I thought would put us off using cloth nappies, it has so far been something that I had never even thought of. It never occurred to me that it would be the actual using of the nappies that I would struggle with. Every few week, we have another go at using the nappies, going through 10 or so, before giving up and returning to disposables. No matter how I put the nappies on Pip, they leak pee out of one leg hole and we end up with not only a wet nappy but a wet suit and wet trousers. There is a huge amount of washing involved with a baby anyway, and having to change her clothes three or more times a day as well as washing the nappies, is too much for me, plus it is annoying and uncomfortable for Pip too.
Which leads me to the conclusion I must be doing something wrong. 
Any thoughts?



  1. We have exactly the same problem. It doesn’t happen every time but enough to be annoying and the only solution I’ve found is to change them more often.

  2. How often are you changing them? Last week I had to change two in 40 minutes and even then the second had leaked. I really want to use them as well but it’s making me stressed. We are using biodegradable disposables as a happy medium,

    How are you getting on btw. Many congratulations xxx

  3. Oh bugger. My guess would be that they’re just not the right fit for Pip. Does it happen with both sorts? Both W&P were fine with the three part nappies but the all in one’s leaked on Ammie. As the were fine on Ella I assumed that it was just that they weren’t the right ones for A’s body shape.

  4. (hey! WordPress let me comment!)

  5. If you are using 3 part ones with a waterproof cover- are the covers up to scratch? We had a few 3rd or 4th hand ones and they did tend to leak more. I use Close Parent Pop ins and Ive found them to be the best, and I tried alot! They are all in ones but separate out for quicker drying. But I know you probably hesitate to invest in a load more if you are not sure. You could buy a few 2nd hand ones of ebay to try out? If the nappies don’t work out I also love the re-usable wipes from Cheeky Wipes. Sounds gross I know but they are great. Alot of my friends who didnt get on with cloth nappies love using these as a happy medium. Good luck and congrats on little Pip x

  6. We had this problem, and I had to wait until my little one had chunked up a bit – her legs just weren’t big enough before to make the nappies fit properly. Could it be that?

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