Giveaway update

Update: congratulations to the winners: Pigwotflies, Emma, Anne & Our Day By Design. You will be contacted by email shortly. X


I’m really sorry. I naively assumed that any holiday cottage would have wifi and I could therefore announce the winners of the nourishing cream. Sadly, there is no wifi and I haven’t been able to sort out a post. However, I am doing my best and regular posting will hopefully resume shortly with giveaway winners contacted ASAP. Turns out going on holiday with an 8 week old baby takes more preoccupation than I’d assumed. I’d great plans for much writing. So far I’ve fed her, fed myself and not much more. Thanks for bearing with me. X

Ps. In the meantime, any comments here will also be included in the giveaway.



  1. Thanks for this. I look forward to trying it out. Our son Felix was born on Saturday, 18 days early (thank goodness as he was already 3.5kg). Birth was a very positive one, minimal intervention and next to no pain relief. I never knew my pain thresh hold was so high until now! So far things are going well except for the baby blues today, worsened by engorgement which is preventing him form latching on but i’m sure all will be well in a few days. Enjoyed your posts on breastfeeding – they give me hope! x

    1. Congratulations! Hope you guys are all well. Sorry to hear you’ve had baby blues. Please email me I that would help. I felt quite blue until about 6 weeks so I really empathise. Xx

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