6 weeks



At 6 weeks, Pip has moved out of her basket into her big girl cot. We had to rearrange our bedroom to get the cot in as she is still too little to sleep in her own room, plus I don’t fancy the walk down the hallway every time she screams for food in the night. As you can see from the photo above, she is keen on sleeping with her arms outstretched and her knees turned out and she just didn’t seem comfortable in the basket. Plus, the mattress was nothing more than a piece of foam which dipped in the middle and she always seemed way more comfortable when I let her sleep in the middle of our bed. We also moved her into sleeping in a sleeping bag which she seems to prefer to the muslin swaddle and blanket combo we have been using since she was born.

We’ve also started putting her down to sleep in her cot for all sleeping that is in the house and she often happily lies there kicking away before falling into sleep. More than anything else, this has given Marto and I a few hours in the evening to hang out together. Mostly though we are so exhausted that we eat supper and then watch TV.

We are trying to establish a routine for her. Not so much a particular timing but a cycle of her feeding, then staying awake for a bit until she seems tired and then her sleeping. During the night time, she awakes to eat, we keep the lights low and she is put straight back in her cot after she has been burped. Before “bed”, she has a bath in her sunflower in the sink and we dry her, massage her with oil or moisturiser, put her in her pyjamas and then she feeds and “goes to sleep”. At least, that’s the idea. Sometimes she does, other times she shouts. We also sing her the same song every night.

At our 6 week appointment, Pip was weighed at 5.26kg and is doing great. I was pleased to hear that I am now my pre-pregnancy weight. BUT, this doesn’t mean that I can fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes. My hips are wider, so my old jeans and shorts won’t do up. Exclusively breast feeding means no dresses and quite a few of my tops are much too small round the bust. Almost all the rest are difficult to feed in. It’s been a good excuse to do some shopping though.



  1. Rosalie · · Reply

    Wow 6 weeks already, she’s gorgeous. Wrap dresses are good for breastfeeding in, I just stocked my wardrobe with them for the summer, if two weeks ago wasn’t the only summer we get!

  2. This post could be about me and Amelie in so many ways! Ditto ditching the moses basket, trying to establish a routine and having wider hips than before baby. Isn’t it scary how quickly the time is flying and how quickly they are growing up?!

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