I can’t believe I used to hold down a full time job. These days I feel like the day has been an achievement if I am dressed, pumped some milk, done some washing and got out of the house for a walk. I can’t believe I used to bill clients 5 hours of time a day, plus all my non chargeable work. And go dancing. And take a lunchbreak. I’m lucky if I manage to spew forth a blog post and send a few emails.

Most days I am still in bed at lunchtime. Pip eats and sleeps, as do I, and I get out to change her nappy or to load laundry in the machine, or to make tea, but by and large we snuggle in bed all morning. Maybe that would change if it ever stopped raining. Even now, while there is technically a small amount of sunshine, it is pissing with rain.

Still, I am trying to make the most of her tiny-ness. It won’t be long before she’s a month old and no longer a newborn. The difference between her today and her last week is amazing. I can see her personality emerging day on day.



  1. Kelly · · Reply

    Enjoy it!
    You’ll remember these days forever.

  2. It scares me how quickly the time flies. Amelie is already a month old. Soon they’ll be asking to borrow money for clothes and going out with boys. Terrifying.

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