And on the 12th day after Pip’s birth, I didn’t cry.

I didn’t cry, but Pip did. Howled like an angry lamb.

Caused, I think, by a combination of a growth spurt and trapped wind. She looks different, has filled out a lot and is no longer a tiny fragile new born. When the midwives came to weigh her, she’s put back on her birth weight and more, now weighing 4.2kg.



  1. For the wind, try bicycling her legs, and pushing her knees up to her tummy, both at once and one by one.

  2. 3 weeks in and we’ve just started experiencing the evening howling. Nothing wrong with her, nothing comforts her, then by about 11pm she conks out. Hope you don’t get this, is not so much fun!

  3. infacol

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