Photos of Pip coming soon. Every day seems to be filled with either feeding/changing/laundry or going out. So far we have been on a bus, in a taxi, out for coffee, breakfast and to the pub. I have fed Pip in a pub garden and the window seat of a coffee shop at Euston. We have changed her in various places and are slowly adjusting to life with a little one.

Every evening a combination of tiredness and hormones and uncomfortableness from my stitches has led to tears. From me. Never in front of her. She is contentedly sleeping in a basket in the sitting room whilst her Dad and godfather prepare supper, listen to music, chat and periodically set off the fire alarm. Me, I lie in a bath of calendula oil and let the tears run. Each day, less and less.



  1. Hugs, dear friend. You’ve done the hardest part now. x

  2. Hugest hugs to you my love. You sound like you are doing amazingly to me and I hope that the each day less and less continues onwards. x

  3. Kelly · · Reply

    aww…just the lack of sleep alone is bad enough.

  4. Less and ever less, love. You’re doing so well. xoxo

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