Labour and Wait

If only I was referring to my state of being. Actually, Labour and Wait is a design shop filled with the most beautiful of old fashioned style household items. If money was no object at all, I think the enamel bucket above would have made a nice nappy bucket. Instead, we bought an enormous 16 litre plastic one for £8 but this one would have been much nicer. I also love the old fashioned bottle brushes. I will see what happens with breast feeding, but should we need to be bottle feeding, I might just get these. 
And how adorable is the wooden chalkboard? Sorely tempted to buy it for Pip and keep it for a few years until needed. 

Enamel bucket, bottle brush set and chalk board all from Labour and Wait’s website



  1. I woke up with a start TOTALLY CONVINCED that today (the American day, it’s only noon here, so there is tons and tons of time) was the day and you were going to go into Labor. Clearly not yet, but sending Very Good Vibes and quite strong ones.

    1. Thanks love. I really hope you’re right. :)

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