40+1 continued

Pip continues to be a little tease. At about 4.30pm I started having some more stomach tightenings and contractions. By 6.30pm they were still happening and I was getting some other sharper pains ‘down there’. Yet by 9.30pm they had disappeared and all I am left with is a sense of discomfort and a foul mood.

I feel a little like when I was desperate to be pregnant but knowing that I couldn’t do anything about it. Not quite as out of control as that felt, as, I guess, one way or the other this baby will eventually come out, but I also feel infuriated that I feel my body is playing tricks on me.

I did go out, this afternoon, for lunch. In a cafe just up the road. Whilst there, I admired a new born baby in a pram dressed in a suit covered in carrot prints. The baby’s mother was also booked to have a natural birth in the local birth centre and then when her baby was overdue had to have a c-section. She told me that it wasn’t what she planned or wanted but that in the end it didn’t matter and the staff at the hospital were fantastic and the care excellent.

I am trying to distract myself, to relax, to enjoy these last few days of peace and quiet. But all this unknown, how, when and so on, makes it nigh on impossible to switch off. I know that I am not alone in feeling like this, but still, I feel so cross.



  1. I never had a chance to get these feelings- Had to be induced two weeks early due to complications but my friend started going insane when she was overdue!! :)

    Can imagine it’s ridiculously frustrating to get twinges and then nothing… it’s all just getting going in there, ready for the right moment. Hope you have a nice, straight forward labour. Remember to breathe the gas and air in as deep and long as you physically can- it works a million times better!!

    Good luck xx Such exciting (if also frustrating) times… Looking forward to seeing some little Pip photos.

  2. I’m sorry, sweetie. It sounds deeply frustrating. especially with Monday’s appointment looming. You’re right though, Pip’s coming out one way or another… and very soon. x

  3. It sounds incredibly frustrating. But perhaps a little hopeful too, if things are starting to happen. Will be keeping fingers crossed for you, as onesould said; soon, one way or another xx

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