And so it is that our due date is finally here. At the time of writing, there is no imminent signs of Pip’s arrival. Even the prodromol labour seems to have abated. Other than some period type cramps occasionally and a huge feeling of heaviness when I walk, no symptoms at all, so far as I can tell. This afternoon we have an appointment with the midwife; my first appointment in 10 days, and only my second with a midwife since moving to London. I have no idea what to expect beyond the usual urine test and blood pressure monitoring.
I can’t wait to meet baby Pip. In particular, I can’t wait to meet the little feet which have been poking my ribs for so long, and to find out whether Pip is a boy or girl. Maybe we will even be able to decide on a name, which so far has been rather elusive.
We were and are not concerned by Pip’s gender. It has made absolutely no difference to us in our preparations or shopping. Most of Pip’s newborn clothes are white, with the remainder blue or grey. Stripes feature heavily, like they do in my own wardrobe. His sheets are cream and coral striped, or plain cream. I admit that I find it a bit odd, the obsession to know whether Pip is male or female. It is the first question that everyone asks us, swiftly followed by their congratulations that we have done something so old fashioned and, as they would see it, torturous, as to not know whether we are expecting a son or daughter. I haven’t found it torturous in the least, although clearly from my use of him throughout this blog, I have my suspicisions, although I am also very happy to be surprised. I am particularly looking forward to Marto being the one to tell me, all being well, rather than hearing it from a sonographer. 
All through pregnancy, I kind of expected that Pip would arrive today. Silly, I know, but in my head, today was going to be the day. Although, I then had a feeling the 15th would be the day, and then it wasn’t, so, clearly I know nothing. In all likelihood, I feel things would have started happening by now, if today was the day. But we shall see. I’ll let you know.

Photo of my bedside table, roses a present from Husband.



  1. Savour these moments, remember this feeling. There will be a time when you look back on these days of waiting with a fondness that can only truly be appreciated once your Pip is here x

  2. Happy due date! Bake a celebratory cake – I bet that’ll lure Pip out. :) At any rate, The Day will soon be here. (But I’m impatient for it to arrive as well!) xx

  3. Yes, happy happy due date! Fingers crossed you won’t be waiting too much longer! And isn’t it strange to think that baby will be here, at the very very latest, in fourteen days time?!

    And I got my boyfriend to tell me the sex of our baby as soon as she was born. It was such a special moment that I will treasure forever – the moment he shouted “it’s a girl!”. Much much more special than being told breezily by a sonographer! xx

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