Real Nappy Week 2012

Did you know that this week is Real Nappy Week? A whole week dedicated to bringing real nappies to the attention of parents across the UK. Quite a few of the websites that I have seen are doing various deals on nappies and accessories. There is even a website dedicated to Real Nappy Week 2012, with loads of information and competitions and discounts.

I have written before about our cloth nappy choices. Our decision to use reusable nappies was based both on our wish to reduce our environmental impact and also to reduce our costs. We were lucky in that friends have offered us nappies that they have finished with, as well as some timely freecycling, so that we have ended up with a good selection of different brands and sizes.

Yesterday I wrote that we have ordered reusable wipes. At Cate Subrosa’s suggestion we ordered Cheeky Wipes, although I ordered them as part of a wider, larger order from The Nappy Lady whom I had been recommended by another friend as a good source of unbiased real nappy information. Both The Nappy Lady and Cheeky Wipes have great discounts on their sites this week as part of Real Nappy Week, so if you are even considering cloth nappies or wipes, now is the time to have a look and use the discounts.

My wipes haven’t arrived yet, so I can’t comment on the actual product, but I have watched lots of videos and seen Cate’s in action, and was quite taken both with the idea, the effectiveness and the cost saving. Although its about £35 upfront for the wipes and boxes, over the course of the time that a child will require them, I don’t think it works out too bad, even if their cost comparison is done to disposable wipes not bought in bulk or on offer.

I’m not quite sure what system we will have for the washing of the nappies. We’ve got a bucket with a lid with some mesh bags, so I am guessing we will store them in there until I run a washing load, maybe every other day. I am still not quite sure what washing liquid to use. Our machine in this house is a rather unusual top loader where through trial and error I have discovered liquid in a sort of pot thing inside the drum works best, and I usually use a natural liquid of some kind, either ecover, method or planet clean depending on the offers when I’m buying, although if anyone has any recommendations especially for cloth nappies, I’m all ears. Drying, we have a washing line and also, for the first time in several years, radiators, so other than getting a drying rack that is more space economical than the ones we have now, that shouldn’t be a problem.

If anyone has any tips about using cloth nappies in general though, fire away. I’m looking forward to trying them out and working out a system that works for us, but I’m also very keen on sharing ideas and discussion, even if cloth nappies aren’t the most riveting of topics, it’s about all I can manage right now…



  1. Hullo! YAY for your choice! you are not going to regret it I promise, we CD (cloth diaper) and love it. we own a washer drier and so have ready access which honestly is needed for CDing so I hope you have easy access. ok, the high lights-

    I have enough CDs for two to three days total, really only two meaning I do CD laudnry every other day, you might think you want more nappies than that and I thought i might but i soon learned that letting poo sit around for more than a day is gross, duh. so it works great for us.

    when washing, up until they eat solids you dont need to do anything but throw the nappy in the wash no poo rinsing. you CAN but dont have to, and you CAN pre treat but dont have to, I dont because I dont have the time and I dont care if they are stained because hes just going to poo in them tomorrow! I just regular baby detergent *natural dye free, gentle etc* but it takes very little like a tablesppon or two, as well as a few splashes of white vinegar, it helps get out the uric acid from urine. if you pre treat or presoak you can soak the used nappies in a water white vinegar mix and then just dump the whole tub into the washer, add your detergent and wash on HOT. again, I dont pretreat. IF you hate the stains the best and only thing to use is the sun. I try and line dry all I can to save more money/enviro friendly, that takes more planning but youll get a hand of it, im happy for the warm weather to come so I dont have to dry them in my basement and to sun bleach out some stains.
    when they do start to eat solids you just dump/whipe out the bulk of the poo into the toilet and wash as usual, its just way smellier. (same treatment on the cloth wipes, I just toss them in, you can make your own too! i did)

    NOTE: you can NOT use conventional diaper cream for rashes with CDs, it does not wash out. diaper rash is uncommon with CD but of course possible, the best best best thing to use for any and all rashes is coconut oil, I even use it on faces since it safe for ingestion.

    we choose not to CD at night, baby boy is a super pee-er and he generally doesnt wake fully at night just squirms to nurse and I dont want to wake him to change him so we use a size up disposable, not great enviro but good for us sleep wise, I have friends that do frequent changes at night and/or use the double/tripple insert for night diapers.

    babies who wear CD almost always wear a size larger than they fit into since the CD is bulkier than a sposie just to note.

    I have all in ones, trifold inserts, snap inserts, and prefolds, I like them all but the hubs only really likes the one and dones (just like it sounds, one use and done, no shell with removerable insert)

    If you have any questions please feel free to email me!

  2. Hi there am really behind on blogs as I had my daughter Nell who is 9 weeks today. We are cloth nappying this time around. I have cheeky wipes the bamboo ones and they are great. I didn’t bother with a kit because used wipes just go in ith the nappies in the wet bags. I also don’t use a bucket. I have a big wet bag that hangs on the door at home and can be thrown straight in wash with the nappies and then another wet bag that I take out and about which has wet and dry sections for the clean and dirty nappies. I then bought a pack of andrex children’s loo roll that came in a tub and use that tub to store clean wipes when out and about, found it a lot cheaper than buying cheeky wipe set. In terms ofwetting the wipes I bought a spray bottle from amazon and use a mixture of water and cj carcass cleaner (a safe wash/bottom butter to use with cloth nappies/wipes in it and spray the wipe with it. Working really well. has a great range of wetbags/cj carcass cleaner. In terms of nappies I’m using sized bumgenius all in ones mainly which are great and fast drying I find but every type fit different babies better. Itti bittis I bought but don’t fit Nell well at all. Resale is quite easy though. Detergent wise I use non-bio and you only need a small amount compared to normal washing. You can’t use softners but bold 2 in 1 apparently is ok. I also use fleece liners which keep her bottom drier as we were having issues with rash and thrush. Hope it all works well for you and lots of luck for the birth. Give my best wishes to Cate too, miss her. x

  3. Rosalie · · Reply

    I wrote a big long reply and WordPress ate it :( I’m just catching up after having my daughter Nell 9 weeks ago. We are using cloth nappies and washable wipes. I use cheeky wipes and weenotion wipes. Got the bamboo ones and they are lovely, really like them. Didn’t get the kit as dirty ones just go straight in the wetbag with the nappies and clean ones I bought an Andrex wet toilet tissue pack with a box and now use that dispenser box to hold them. I then got a spray bottle to wet the wipes with and use a mix of water and cj carcass cleaner (which is a cloth nappy friendly bottom butter) Babybots website have it and lots of good things. I don’t use a bucket at home, just a big wetbag that hangs on door handle and goes straight in washing machine with nappies/wipes. I wash every other day or every 3 days, depending on weather etc. I also use fleece liners inside which you can get cheaply or make yourself to keep her bottom drier as she was getting rash and we’re battling thrush. I use non bio powder – you only need a small amount compared to normal washing. We’re mainly using Bumgenius sized nappies which are great but diff types fit diff babies better. I got some itti bittis and they just don’t fit Nell properly at all so resold them. Good luck with it all and best wishes for your birth and meeting your baby x

    1. Great to hear from you Rosalie. Im sorry it seemed WordPress ate the comment, it was just awaiting moderation. Great advice you’ve given and many congratulations on your baby. I was wondering how you were and have been missing reading your blog. Xx

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