39+6 (or, I packed my hospital bag and in it I put)

Just in case this is of any use to anyone, I thought a list of what I’ve packed for our visit to the hospital might interest my pregnant readers. And, those that have done it before, any feedback at all would be useful. Once Pip has arrived, I’ll try and report back on what I found was useful.

I have packed 2 bags, one for me, and then one for me & Pip afterwards. I am also planning on taking my handbag and a separate bag with some food and drink. We are not taking a car basket with us, and will be brought one by Marto’s brother, when, all being well, he comes to collect us to take us home.

    My bag

I have just used my usual overnight bag (a Kate Sheridan beach tote, only mine has wolves on it) which, incidentally, as a bag in itself, nothing to do with babies, I highly recommend. I got mine at London Fashion Weekend about 6 years ago and I use it frequently, it holds loads, is strong, but packs away small when not in use. Anyway, I digress.

In it, I have packed the following:-

Hospital notes
Notebook and pen

Sponge bag containing shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hot cleanser plus cloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant etc.
2 old bath towels
2 flannels
Eye mask
Ear plugs
Hair band (soft Alice band as well as hair elastics)
Flip flops (havianas which can get wet)

2 dresses (old) which I can wear to birth in
2 bikini tops
2 vests
Hareem trousers (soft and loose but cooler than leggings or jogging bottoms)
Long soft cotton jumper
Dressing gown
Slippers (not my sheepskin ones but cow print fleece ones with grips on the bottom)
Several pairs of different sized knickers inc some Primark large high waisted ones

T-shirt, pants and pyjama bottoms for Marto

Plastic bag for dirty clothes

Drinking straws
Sieve (required by hospital if planning a water birth)
Mirror (ditto)

Body cushion
Wedge cushion

    In Pip’s bag

Which is a waterproof Liberty of London patterned tote bag:-

several different suits in various sizes
2 hats
10 disposable size one nappies
Cotton wool
Muslin for swaddling
Night dress for me (soft old shirt of M’s)
Maternity pads
Breast pads
Elephant soft toy
Changing mat

The food bag contains water, iced tea, lucozade, mints, biscuits and a chocolate bar.

I plan to wear my jogging bottoms, ugg boots, soft t shirt and cardigan to the hospital and I also plan to add a coming home outfit of trousers, top and jumper, such items to be decided dependant on weather and mood when we leave for the hospital.

Have I missed anything? I welcome any further suggestions as it appears I still have time to pack it… No sign of baby yet today.



  1. catherinesinclair · · Reply

    You’re way more organised than I ever was, and we stumbled through somehow :)

    Maternity bras (several), not an essential but tops for easy access are useful too. You can layer a vest over a tshirt, or get the specially designed ones. Soft jacket/cardi too perhaps? But you sound fine.

    1. Oh yes, I have packed one nursing bra. And I will be wearing one when I go, since I opted to only really buy nursing bras!

      I will also pack one of those vests which is like a nursing bra. Good idea. Thanks x

  2. Kirsty {a safe mooring} · · Reply

    This reminds me very much of planning and packing my bag when I’m about to go off on a long journey. Which, I suppose, you are.

    Can’t believe Pip will be here so soon.

    1. It is rather an odd thing, like packing for a very strange holiday. That you have no idea when it will be departing, so bags are packed weeks in advance, just in case!

  3. Chargers or batteries for things that need chargers or batteries! (phones, camera, computers, etc), I cant tell you how many of my friends arrived at hospital and found things dead/dying and were filled with regret/dread.

    I had a quite fast labor/delivery (5.5 hours total!!) and so the husband never got bored, I also used no pain meds so he was instrumental in management. but some husbands get bored especially if the wife gets an epi and need computer/book/magazine, so dont forget to have the hubs pack an overnight/snacks and etc for himself.

    I loved having my OWN pillow, hospital ones are crap, it was helpful as well as this curved nursing pillow, boppy,

    and dont forget to take everything they offer when you leave hospital! EVERYTHING- pads, cold packs, numbing spray (for your lady bits, which you will want), giant mesh knickers, baby stuff, everything- you might need it and in the long run youre paying for it anyhow.

    I saw you were packing fluids, good, make sure husband MAKES you sip something between each contraction, dehydration and exhaustion can be a downfall and you wont remember to drink so pack lots and drink lots.

    1. Thanks! I will make sure we pack plenty of fluids.

      And you reminded me, I must locate the camera charger. :)

  4. Own pillow is a good one, but husband brought it in for me after the birth.
    Actually there was a lot of stuff we could have brought in afterwards and didn’t actually need for the birth, but sometimes you just cant predict what you’ll want.
    My husband had his own bag, filled with snacks, notebooks, and £25 in loose change because he’d heard that would be useful (he didn’t use any of it!). If nothing else it provided great amusement for the midwives :-)
    He also though made friends with the tea lady, sandwich lady and strict nurse in charge of the staff fridge who let him put his snacks and my drinks in their fridge!

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