This is a curious time, this week surrounding the due date. I am trying to keep reasonably busy but also am reluctant to make too many plans, or to stray too far from the house.

I finally got around to ordering the last of the things for Pip tonight. Reusable wipes, a nappy bucket and a wet bag for the changing bag. We’ve done another online food shop to keep the house and fridge fully stocked and we finally emptied the boot of the car (which contained an enormous bag of Marto’s washing from when he lived in a flat in London during the week, before we both moved to London again together). The last boxes of crap from the move have been sorted and the mobile storage unit, aka the car, is empty and ready to be sold*.

I’ve given up reading books about birth, alternating my reading of parenting books with a new genre of shit writing described as mommy porn – because mums are reading it and it’s erotic fiction mixed with romance, rather than because it’s about mums – by The Times. It’s badly written and rather repetitive but quite the distraction from thinking about when and if Pip might put in an appearance. I’ve already read the first two in the trilogy…

*VW golf, 20 years old, 55,000ish miles, £500 ono, contact me at Rachelprimrosehill @ gmail (dot) com if you want further details or photos.


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  1. You sound as ready as they come. x

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