Every night for the past few nights I have been woken up with practice contractions, coming regularly every 8-10 minutes for about 3 -4 hours, from 3am – 6/7am. Every night I have got out of bed, been to the loo, had a drink, adjusted position frequently and turned on my electric blanket. Every night this has done nothing until about 6.30am when I have managed to turn off the blanket and go back to sleep. My stomach feels rock hard during these tightenings and in the morning when I wake properly, I feel sore and bruised. Emotionally, I feel miserable, both because of the disturbed sleep but also because it feels like I will just keep getting this false labour until I am too exhausted to carry on.

Some internet research leads me to believe that this is perhaps called prodromol labour. Whilst it is reassuring to know that I am not alone, I was somewhat disconcerted to read that there is some thought, although, of course, this is the internet and you can find anything if you search hard enough, to suggest that it is not progressing to active labour because my mind isn’t ready and something is holding me back. I’m not sure what that might be as although I am apprehensive about labour, birth and parenting, I don’t think I am any more anxious and unprepared than anyone else in my position.

Still, during the day times, I am alternating resting with keeping busy. Last night I met Marto and my sister at a local pub for some drinks and supper. I have met friends for coffee. This afternoon I went shopping with my sister and this evening we are going to my sister in law’s for supper. I have bought a couple of pieces to wear once Pip does make an appearance, and I am generally trying to enjoy the remains of pregnancy. I was complimented several times today for my neat bump and how good I was looking, which may or may not be true, but did really lift my spirits. Although I think the shop keeper who asked if I was a yoga teacher may have been a little deluded…

Regardless, I highly recommend some coral nail varnish and lipstick to cheer you up at 39 weeks pregnant.

(If you’re interested, the varnish is OPI’s A Good Man Darin Is Hard to Find and the lipstick is by Laura Mercier)



  1. I read the same thing when my prodromal labour kept refusing to progress. I didn’t feel like I had an emotional block but decided to write a letter to Talia and the baby (and myself actually), knowing if there was anything writing would help me explore it. Two days later Cora was born, but I was trying everything else too at that point so who knows if it has anything to do with it!

    1. Maybe I’ll have to try a letter. Not quite sure where to start though. X

    2. Also, that seems a bit of a guilt trap for women. If you’re not going into active labor, it’s because your NOT DOING IT RIGHT EMOTIONALLY. Hum. Perhaps. But just being really kind to yourself and not accepting silly blame seems like a far better idea. Also, you look adorable, so I hope that helps.

      1. That does help :)

        I know what you mean, it seems there’s always something to make mothers feel inadequate.

  2. You look BEAUTIFUL. I know nothing about the rest, but I do hope Pip comes soon, Or at least lets you rest a bit more reliably. x

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