On starting to read Gina Ford

She really is a bossy old trout, isn’t she. That said, in the melee after giving birth, having a handbook of timings to consult regarding feeding and sleeping might be quite soothing. No having to think for myself, just look at the clock, her book, and do what it says.
Years ago, I used to go on Royal Navy cadet courses, when I was a teenager. They were timetabled to the minute, including cleaning, eating, you name it. I wouldn’t want to live that way forever, but, although demanding and sleep deprived, they were also in their own way relaxing and comforting. As you didn’t have to make any decisions about what you wore, when you did anything or what you ate, there was time to think about other things. Sailing, or boys, mainly, but I can imagine the same being true of following the Gina Ford routine. More time to admire baby? We’ll see. 
I wish she wasn’t so fucking patronising though. 



  1. You are so right! Def take with a pinch of salt.
    I mixed and matched with her and baby whisperer and, touch wood, got into a good routine fairly easily. The baby whisperer dream feed worked particularly well for us. But a good bit of common sense will do you the world of good too!

    1. The baby whisperer? I will have to look that up.

  2. Oh Gina Ford. Just reading that book annoyed me, let alone trying to go through the (very rigid) regime.

    I would very much recommend The Baby Whisperer like Amy. More relaxed, still a good routine but one that you have control over and allows for flexibility – I really liked the flow of it.

    A friend with twins liked GF though, as did another with babe number 2. Horses for courses I suppose!

    1. Definitely going to have to get a copy of this.

  3. Seriously? You don’t need Gina Ford, you are quite clearly an intelligent woman who can function quite happily without someone telling you what to do. Having a baby is probably the most amazing thing in life, it is a time to be yourself with your new baby, not following someone else’s life plan. Put it down and don’t pick it up again.

    1. Rosalie · · Reply

      Agreed, avoid the books, apart from What Mothers Do (especially when it looks like nothing)

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