Stockpiling sleep and battling with a hormonal headache. Resorted to co-codamol and a darkened room. Lay there whilst my brain short circuited making very odd links, as it does whenever I have a migraine. Pip wriggled away like I haven’t felt him wriggle in a long time. His feet are still under my right ribs, leading me to believe that despite the false starts, he still hasn’t engaged his head and that we might still be over 2 weeks from meeting him. I really hope he does come of his own accord. I understand that it doesn’t really matter whether I have a c-section, in the grand scheme of things, but I’d so much rather not have major abdominal surgery and be trying to grapple with breast feeding. 



  1. The one good thing about c section recovery and breast feeding was that I mastered lots of different positions, particularly feeding lying down and rugby ball style. It has made life easier feeding on the go as I can use a variety of holds…..and is great for my ‘lie ins’ now, husband gets her up and brings her to me for a feed then takes her downstairs for a bit and I don’t even have to sit up! Closest to a lie in I will get for a while I think!

  2. You’ll be surprised what you are capable of.

    We moved house 6 weeks after my arrival into the world. My Mum told me a story recently about that time mainly about the fact she thought the fairies had stolen me (!) but the part of the story that caught my attention was the fact she was carrying boxes of books downstairs, 4 weeks after I was born, by c-section.Crazy.

  3. F had his feet up in my ribs right up until I went into labour. Don’t count on that as a sign for anything because my labour was so quick I have been advised that next time we have to head straight for the birth centre because otherwise I’ll end up having the baby at home. We live two minutes from the hospital!

    Any day now!

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