We lay low this long Easter weekend. I knew that by staying local to our home and hospital, Pip was never going to put in an appearance, but the alternative, visiting family and going into labour and having to deliver Pip in either Oxford or Basingstoke, wasn’t something I really fancied.

Instead, we relished our 4 days of being together and spent a lot of time doing nothing, cooking, eating and watching the Masters. We also continued to tie up loose ends and carried on tidying the house, sorting out the ‘nursery’, completing my tax return for 2011-2012 and scanning my hand held notes and sonogram images, printing out a few photos and sticking various things in my album which my mother-in-law gave me after Pip’s 12 week scan, including some photos of me taken by various friends and cards from my baby shower.

Body wise, I think I am preparing for the end of pregnancy, albeit rather slowly. I feel rather uncomfortable most of the time, and increasingly heavy. Period like pains come and go, as do various practice tightnings or contractions. I have abandoned reading the books that were freaking me out and I am trusting that simply my body and Pip will know what to do when the time comes. Which is something I think about, frequently. Wondering when the time will come and when I will know that it has come. And in the meantime, trying to enjoy the waiting, revelling in the last few weeks of pregnancy, of quietness, of spending time with Marto.



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