Do I need to get a pram suit/ fleece all in one suit? We are planning to use the baby sling. We are also going on a seaside holiday in June. In my experience, it may be summer technically in June, but there are also few places as cold as the British beach and I have been known to wear a fleece and a sailing jacket on holiday, together.

Am I mad to spend £36 on a fleece suit in size 0-3 which Pip may grow out of before wearing, or should I get 3-6 and then he can wear it in the autumn too.

In the pram, we might get away with blankets, but I think the sling is going to suit us better on holiday, particularly on the beach.

Any thoughts? (or suggestions?)



  1. We were given a lovely sheepskin snow suit from GAP in size 3-6 which L has been in loads even when it was much too big – probably too warm even for a chilly June day though. It also wouldn’t fit on her in the sling – too bulky.
    We have carried L in a sling a lot over winter though. We just dressed her up warm and we have a fleece cocoon thing that fits over the top of the sling which seemed to keep her warm enough.
    We couldn’t put her in any of the more conventional snow suits as she as talipes so they wouldn’t fit over her feet.
    My advice would be hold off buying one until you know for sure you will need it. Even getting a bigger size might be wasted as babies don’t always fit the conventional sizing. Pip might be bigger than 3-6 come the chillier autumn weather!

  2. Brandi · · Reply

    Get the suit, but the 3-6 month one. Bigger us better when it comes to baby clothes, in my short experience so far. I’ve got a six month old who will be getting into 12 month clothing shortly. They grow so fast.

    The holiday sounds lovely. I hope it goes well.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    You will be surprised how warm both you & Pip will be just by virtue of being strapped to one another!

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