No sign of Pip yet. I fear this might become a daily refrain. This morning I started getting some more noticeable back ache, heaviness, contractions and my bump has got lower, so the thought did cross my kind that things might be happening. Which they still might be, albeit very slowly. So, I used the sudden energy spurt that came with it to wash all the towels and the last of the sheets that were waiting for a sunny day, and hung them out in the hot sunshine.
Yesterday, I went with my sister in law and my nephew to the Westfield shopping centre at Stratford and managed to get some nursing bras and a dressing gown, both, surprisingly from Mothercare. It was the first time that I saw a nursing bra that I thought I could see myself wearing that wasn’t either very teenage or just hideously expensive for something that will soon be covered in milk. I will save my budget for Elle McPherson bras for post feeding not now. Despite it saying that one is black, they are actually blue. The review doesn’t sound very complimentary in the website, but I am pleased enough with the bras. Although I did end up getting a 34D, I am actually quite small busted, so perhaps these aren’t the ones for you if you are bigger chested? I quite like the fact that they don’t look so much like bras that I wore when I was 13. I’d much prefer to be in a bikini than some of the others that I have considered. My dressing gown is just plain grey cotton. Nothing special, but lightweight and perfect for the hospital and for wearing when I haven’t got dressed and I need to answer the door to the postman. And more temperate than the fleecy one that I was wearing before, which was a bit hot. It also goes nicely with the grey and white pyjama trousers that I wrote about before. 
I mentioned the other day that I collected a cot top changer that I bought on eBay. Well, it is in place now, on the cot, and next to the bookcase which we have filled with nappies and so on, ready to use as a changing station. Or, as you can see from the photos above, as a cat bed. Seems the height and the way it catches the evening sunshine has caught Delilah’s eye and today is the second time I have found her peacefully snoozing on the changing mat (still wrapped, thankfully). Oh, Delilah, what changes are to come!


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