Tomorrow marks full term. If Pip comes tomorrow onwards, we can go to the birth centre. My hospital bag is packed (barring a sieve and a mirror and a dressing gown – tasks for tomorrow) and I have washed the sheets for the Moses basket. I collected a cot top changer that i bought from eBay, completing the transaction in a marks and spencers carpark. I wouldn’t say we are ready, exactly, but, if Pip does make an early appearance, we will manage.


And so, to mark this, here are 2 photos. The first from last week, taken by my sister in law; the second from this afternoon in the garden, sat on a deck chair, enjoying the hot afternoon sunshine.




  1. Such a neat little bump.

    Grab yourself some Lanolin for you sore boobies. It is seriousy amazing stuff my nurse friend told me about- you can get it in Boots.

    Good luck xx

  2. More photos will be coming once the master photographer does his editing thing with them. xx

  3. downtomysoul · · Reply

    What is the sieve for?
    Or do I not want to know?

    I don’t think anyone is ever 100% ready. That’s half the fun!

    1. I don’t think you want to know. (neither do I). I’m not allowed to give birth in the pool without it though :)

      1. Right. Got it.
        The warm water is the BEST for the pain by the way. I spent nearly my entire labour in there and didn’t want to get out at the end, even though I had to. Maybe that’s why I didn’t need a sieve!

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