For a relaxing evening of scaring yourself the fuck out, may I recommend the mumsnet book of advice, particularly the chapter on the after effects of birth and how to deal with tears, stitches, bleeding and much much more. Seems the more I try and prepare myself for birth, the more tense and nervous I become. I can’t decide if I’m better off prepared, or better off having no idea whatsoever.



  1. Stop reading the books Rachel! You don’t need to be scaring yourself! All you have to know is that in labour your baby knows exactly what to do, and even though it doesn’t feel like it, your body does know exactly what to do (it’s grown a baby after all!), so you shouldn’t be scared. And on the tiny chance that something doesn’t go quite right you’ll be in the hands of medical professionals who’ll have your and your baby’s best interests at heart. So try and just focus on your baby coming and how wonderful that will be! The after effects of birth also aren’t so hard to deal with when you have a little baby in your arms. But yes, step away from the book and just fill your head with the positives. Have you looked into hyonobirthing at all – its all about using positive affirmations. I didn’t use it but I hear it can be helpful.

    Either way, you’re going to do great!

  2. Put them down!!! They might be useful when you have a ‘what the hell…is this normal?!’ moment, but will just freak you out now. If you have questions then talk to real people, but absolutely the best advice is above – trust your body and trust your baby x

  3. Keep away from anything that scares you. No need to know horror stories at this stage!

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