35+1 (or, continuing with the organising)

After the baby shower, my sisters both came back on the Sunday to help me with the organisation of the items that I have been given or loaned for Pip and to compile a list of what was still remaining. Then, on Monday, we put up the cot, put together the Moses basket and I started searching online for the remaining items. I also washed all of Pip’s 0-3 clothes and have, for the time being, organised them in a drawer, although that might change to some baskets on a book shelf. It all depends on what happens once I have sorted through all the nappies. We have somehow acquired through the generosity of others quite a selection and I need to decide which ones we need straight away and how we will be storing them. I also need to get a cot top changing table as there just simply isn’t any room anywhere else to put a changing mat. I have also picked up all the free newborn disposable nappies that I have been able to, so have about 120 size one nappies and another 35 size two nappies.  Should tide us over for a week or two, at any rate!
This afternoon, I am heading to John Lewis to pick up some muslin cloths and some nail scissors, followed by Boots and Mothercare for a thermometer and other bits and pieces (we have various vouchers from my work, hence the selection of shops). I bought one lovely large hooded baby towel from the Little White Company, which is supposed to last up to age 4, and we were given another large white normal towel for Pip at the baby shower too.
Although it is ‘only’ week 36 now, I am aware that Pip could arrive in 2 weeks and still not be classed as premature. I have started to dream about birth and would like to finalise all the preparations so that I can start relaxing and reading about birth and parental skills. Hopefully then I will feel less anxious and up to do some ‘proper’ writing. Much more interesting than my reports of items purchased, I am sure.



  1. You are making me feel disorganised! I’ve managed to wash the newborn babygros but still haven’t got blankets for the moses basket. Eeeek! Seems every time I think I’ve got everything sorted, there’s another ‘essential’ to buy!

    1. I borrowed a whole stack of cot and basket sheets from a friend, which admittedly made it easier. I’ve then made a list and have just tried to get one or two things each week, online where possible.

    2. Although, every new thing I read does list something else as essential. I think we probably really need a lot less than we think :)

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