On Saturday, our new flat was crowded with friends and family as I celebrated my baby shower. Proper photos to come, but here are a few iPhone snaps.


We had a book themed afternoon tea, with guests invited to bring along their favourite children’s book, of any age group. My sisters sent out book plates for each guest to sign and stick into their books and I unwrapped a library that any little Pip could be proud of. 


My sisters, sister-in-law, mum and mother-in-law all did an amazing job with the afternoon tea with savoury and sweet treats galore. We played some games and then I unwrapped some lovely presents from my friends including a nappy cake before we sat around, drank tea and chatted. It was so lovely to see all my friends in the same place again, and hear them all chatting away. Some of them had not seen each other since my hen party/wedding almost three years ago. 


The centre piece of the tea table was a book shaped cake and a mound of cupcakes with characters from all the books that I received as toppers. My sister had kept a spreadsheet to avoid duplications and had made a cake topper from each of them. I have saved them for Pip’s birthday party next year as they are so beautiful. 

In other news, we have been reassured after a visit to the consultant that they are not concerned about Pip other than potentially his size. We go back for a repeat ultrasound next week and then a further review with the consultant. It seems that, all other things being equal, the only possible action would be that they may decide to induce Pip at 40 weeks if he has not made an appearance before then, rather than waiting until 41 weeks to decide. 
Bizarrely, the next actual appointment I have to see the actual midwife team is on the due date itself. Apparently you are only entitled to see one member of the “team” at each of the scheduled weeks for appointments. According to today’s midwife (appt booked two weeks ago, before the consultants appt was booked) I should have known that having seen the consultant on Monday, I was not therefore entitled to a midwife appointment today and should have cancelled accordingly. As I have a follow up consultant appointment and also a birth centre assessment, I am therefore not entitled to any further appointments with the community midwife team. She also kindly informed me I am too late to book antenatal classes in my area, although she did sign me up for a parentcraft class at the hospital and that I am too late to book an appointment to discuss birth choices, as that should have been a double appointment last week and now I don’t have any appointment chances left. At least the care has been good though, even of the system is confusing.



  1. This is such a sweet baby shower idea! My pregnant friend and I were discussing them recently. She feels uncomfortable with the whole baby shower thing because of the present aspect – she doesn’t want to feel that she’s asking for gifts (or, horrors, having a gift list), but she would like a chance to see all her nearest and dearest before the baby’s born. Yours sounds like the perfect compromise – books are the perfect present, meaningful but inexpensive.

    I can’t believe Pip is going to be here so soon.

    1. I really didn’t want people to feel they had to bring presents but I did want to have an event to mark the milestone. I chose books as they are so important to me but can be bought at all price points so is not, as you say, too much of an imposition to guests although there is the option to go ‘all out’ if one was so inclined.

      I really enjoyed the opportunity to have all my friends there and acknowledge that things were changing but that my friends are still incredibly important to me. I have organised a shower previously where we said no presents.

      I was very lucky as some of my friends brought gifts as well as books too but I totally was not expecting that, delighted as I was with the surprise!

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