I went to register at the GP yesterday. I could only do this once we had a council tax statement proving that we lived at a suitable address. As part of this process I had to weigh myself. I have now put on 11kg; something I find simultaneously surprising and unsurprising. Surprising because I’ve never been able to put on weight before, but unsurprising because the amount I eat has had to go somewhere. Pip’s weight was approximated at 2.4kg, plus fluid and placenta, which means at least 6kg of that weight is just me.

That said, I don’t think the extra weight is all bad. A male friend told me last week over some drinks in the pub, that I should keep the extra weight because it looked hot, sexy, and suited me better than the ultra skinny look of pre-pregnancy. I have had to go up a size in trousers and pants (knickers) from a pre pregnancy UK8 to a maternity UK12, but no doubt some of that at least is simply the comfort factor. I’m still wearing some size 8 maternity leggings.

Just in the last couple of days, I’ve noticed my hands feel a bit swollen and dry. My fingers are a little fatter, although my rings still comfortably fit and can be removed. Last night however my left hand started to tingle and my whole lower arm ache. Marto googled it for me and suspected I might have Carple tunnel syndrome. It’s feeling a bit better today, after spending the morning resting (after a very disturbed nights sleep courtesy of both Pip, my bladder and the upstairs neighbours) so I am hopeful it will not develop into something hugely annoying.

Symptom wise really, things are pretty good. I have had occasional pelvic twinges and I now walk slower than a Granny. Last week I found that walking at my usual speed was making me feel out of breath, faint and stressed, so, even though it drives me mad walking so slowly, I have made myself do it. I have occasional heartburn/reflux and Pip’s kicking gets uncomfortable some evenings but, by and large, physically I am great.

Emotionally, or hormonally, I am less sure. I feel pretty lethargic, anxious and fearful of not being able to cope when Pip arrives. A large part of that is not yet feeling at home in the new flat, although day by day that is improving as we are getting things sorted. The mouldy bed in the spare room has now been removed and there is space for the cot. We have a blind in our bedroom now, so I feel more secure sleeping without workman peering in. Day by day we unpack more things, or tidy them away, and I am getting used to the new way of doing things.

I have finally returned to my reading. Today I have been reading French Children Don’t Throw Food and I am also half way through Half a Wife – more to come on both of those in due course.

Saturday brings my baby shower, which I am looking forward to immensely, and Sunday my sisters are helping me sort all the baby stuff we have borrowed, identify what remains to be sought out and to help me pack my bag for the hospital.

And then Monday, the visit to the obstetrician. And, when I can, some proper writing on gender.


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  1. Lady, you look HOT now that you’re pregnant. Damn.

    Hope the anxiety settles soon. xx

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